The Dark Goddesses Oracle Deck

The Dark Goddesses Oracle Deck: Unleash Your Divine Femme Magic
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Through 60 oracle deck cards and their accompanying guidebook, Caitlin McCarthy transports you into an elegant and macabre world of self-love and self-discovery.

These beautiful, carefully crafted illustrations feature goddesses from around the world who have been misunderstood across time: those relegated to the stereotype of evil witches and dangerous women to be feared and ostracized. Revisited through Caitlin’s astute gaze they are symbols of power and freedom, and readers will reconnect with those very parts of themselves.

Each card is accompanied in the guidebook by a myth, which explores the origins of the goddess in her respective culture, and a meaning―such as independence, courage or healing―that readers can apply to their own day to day. Delve into the worlds of Kali, Lilith, Athena or even Isis, and let them guide you to the true meaning to your life.