Do you ship internationally?

Yes I do! Please place your order in my Etsy  shop or email me directly if you are interested in adopting one of my originals. 

I'm currently in the process of setting up International shipping here on my website. Thank you for your support and patience, I love and appreciate all of my international customers. 

Are you available for custom work or commissions? 

Thank you so much for your interest but I am not available for private commissions at this time.

Please email me at CaitlinMcCarthyArtInfo@gmail.com regarding professional inquiries such as illustration work, gallery shows, events, and licensing availability. 

What mediums do you use?

I am a graphite artist. All of my drawings are created with a mechanical pencil on hot pressed watercolor paper. 

Can I get your art tattooed? 

I am always honored when someone has connected with my art and wants to get it tattooed on them. I ask that you purchase a print as this both supports my ability to continue making art and serves as a reference for your tattoo artist. I also ask that if an image of the tattoo is posted online by yourself or the tattoo artist that I be tagged and given credit for my design.

Do you sell digital downloads of your art?

No I do not. Unfortunately due to the risk of art theft this is not something I am able to offer.